Bordeaux Rap Artist And Producer Yudimah Drops New Single ‘It’s Time’

Bordeaux-born rapper, singer, beatmaker, pianist, and self-taught engineer, Yudimah, has graced the music world with his latest single, “It’s Time“.

Yudimah’s distinctive style shines brightly in this new release, as he weaves together a musical composition that stands tall among its contemporaries. The single offers an uplifting, soul-soothing experience, invigorating listeners with its sweet rhythm and lyrics brimming with optimism and positivity.

As an independent artist who operates in the realm of alternative hip-hop and neo soul, Yudimah seamlessly marries elements of old school and new school in his musical creations. His hands-on approach to his craft results in songs that carry his unique stamp, characterized by infectious beats and compelling vocals that evoke a sense of joy and invigoration.

His musical influences run deep, with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Ryan Leslie, Drake, and Masego leaving their imprint on his sound. Yudimah’s music is a celebration of melodious harmonies, razor-sharp rap verses, and profound messages of positivity and self-betterment.

Having taught himself English, not only to appreciate its melodic nature but also to reach out to a wider audience, Yudimah has crafted a unique sound that bears the mark of his total command over the production process. The anticipation builds as we await the next sonic treat from this dynamic artist.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Yudimah’s newest single, “It’s Time“, available to stream below:


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