Melbourne Pop Artist CARDAMONE Releases New Single ‘Killer’

The newest single from rising star CARDAMONE, “Killer“, serves as a testament to her vocal prowess and her imaginative narrative abilities as an artist, deftly weaving a tale of power, desire, and dissatisfaction within a turbulent relationship.

As the track progresses, CARDAMONE masterfully controls its ebb and flow, subtly escalating the intensity through both her vocals and the orchestration.

Her vocal stylings draw parallels to acclaimed artists like Adele, Sam Smith, and Billie Eilish, and the lyricism and instrumentals evoke the ambiance of recent Bond film themes.

The song is a stunning showcase of her artistic skill and expression, effortlessly transitioning from delicate whispers of intimacy to bold, unapologetic bursts of power.

To fully appreciate the allure of “Killer,” one must also delve into CARDAMONE’s riveting new video for the song. Directed by renowned filmmaker Martijn Sedgfield, and featuring breathtaking choreography by Benjamin Curé and Neville Parry, the film adds another layer of intrigue and depth to the song’s narrative.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, CARDAMONE is a pop singer-songwriter who perfectly embodies the city’s tranquil, melancholic vibe. But her music is more than just an echo of her surroundings.

Beneath the sultry tones of her voice and her poignant storytelling lies a wealth of stories, experiences, and perspectives garnered from a globe-trotting career in the arts.

After relocating to Los Angeles as a budding dancer, CARDAMONE worked alongside industry giants like Justin Bieber and Flo Rida.

However, she soon realized that supporting roles weren’t enough to quench her thirst for creative expression. This led her to embark on an intensive journey of vocal training, underscoring the idea that determination and hard work can indeed yield incredible results.

Her journey as a singer started in Los Angeles, continued with a prestigious residency at the famed Playboy Establishment in Hanoi, and eventually led her back to Australia to focus on her solo career.

Now, in collaboration with Swedish record company Ocean Music Group, she’s crafting an EP that promises to be a true testament to her artistic evolution and range.

To experience the allure of “Killer”, watch the mesmerizing clip below:


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