Boston Rap Duo ProQuo Release New Single ‘Final Fire’ Featuring P.S Perkins

Taken from their recently released album Instant Brotherhood, “Final Fire” is the brand new single from US rap duo ProQuo, who are made up of two Massachusetts natives, Professor Lyrical and Jay ‘Quokane’ Cruz. The track features P.S Perkins and produced by Amsterdam-based Dutch beatsmith Larsy Vegas.

Pro is a Boston rao luminary and university professor, who earned his bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at UMass-Lowell in his home city. He later earned a doctorate at Northeastern University where he taught for several years as an Assistant Professor before accepting an Associate Professor position at HBCU—UDC in the nation’s capital, while Cruz is a US postal carrier, originally from Leominster and now living in New Hampshire.

The rap duo, who also host The ProQuo Show, a webcast that airs every Friday on HipHopCitizen, provided the impetus for their Instant Brotherhood album and their resulting iBHood movement after taking the global pandemic to reach out to several domestic and international ‘newbap’ artists and producers that share their ideologies that they say are rooted in unity.

The duo released their first single “Buy Buy” in April and partnered with Freedom Corner Brand to release their new album via Sony Orchard. The album was crafted by a curated team of fifteen producers and artists including Freedom Corner Brand producer Legendary, DJ Slipwax, Forever Lives Yahweh and BLKDIVA, among others.

Watch the video for “Final Fire” here:


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