Boston Songstress TeaMarrr Unveils Debut Album ‘You Should Prolly Sit Down For This’

TeaMarrr, the dynamic Boston-born singer/songwriter, has released her much-awaited debut album, You Should Prolly Sit Down For This, showcasing her unique blend of soulful storytelling and musical innovation. The album, available now via Raedio, marks a significant milestone in TeaMarrr’s journey, revealing her experiences and growth as an independent artist in Los Angeles.

Known for her candid and expressive style, TeaMarrr delves deep into personal themes such as mental health, drug abuse, regret, and the quest for inner peace in this 13-track compilation. The album serves as a musical map of her life, tracing the path of an East Coast church girl lost in the ‘wild wild west’ of LA, navigating through its challenges and temptations.

Standout tracks like “Jarrrvis” and “Stress Free” resonate with listeners, offering relatable tales of life’s struggles and triumphs. TeaMarrr’s influences, ranging from Amy Winehouse to Jay-Z, infuse the album with a diverse and eclectic sound that speaks to a wide audience.

The album is a collaborative effort, featuring the work of multi-Grammy nominated producer duo Butta-N-Bizkit, known for their work with artists like John Legend and Kelly Rowland, and esteemed songwriter Sebastian Kole, who has penned hits for Alicia Keys and Dua Lipa.

For those new to TeaMarrr’s music, she recommends starting with tracks from her 2020 releases, such as “Cool Enough,” “I’m That,” and “Chasing Amy,” which showcase her versatile style. These songs serve as an introduction to her evolving artistic direction.

TeaMarrr’s commitment to her music has led to notable achievements, including being introduced as Issa Rae’s artist at the 2019 Soul Train Awards, touring Europe with SIR, and supporting Durand Bernarr in 2023. Looking ahead, TeaMarrr envisions a headlining tour, hoping to share her music’s warmth and sense of belonging with a broader audience.

You Should Prolly Sit Down For This promises to be a unique musical journey, with an upcoming EP, KITEA CAT, already in the works. As TeaMarrr continues to ascend in the music industry, her story remains one to watch, filled with inspiration and soul-stirring melodies.

Listen to TeaMarrr’s You Should Prolly Sit Down For This album here!


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