Breitling Unveils New Aerospace Watches: A Blend of Innovation And History

Breitling, renowned for its ties with aviation and space, continues its 140th-anniversary celebrations with the release of the Navitimer GMT, Automatic 41, and a limited-edition Cosmonaute model.

Maintaining the iconic Navitimer proportions, the latest models sport a 41mm case and come in stainless steel, 18k red gold, or a two-tone option. Dial colors range from blue to ice blue and green, offering a variety of choices for enthusiasts. Powered by the COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 17, these watches ensure precision timekeeping with a 38-hour power reserve.

The Navitimer B12 Chronograph 41 Cosmonaute Limited Edition pays tribute to the original ’60s Cosmonaute, featuring a 24-hour dial for space exploration. With a deep green dial, black subdials, and golden numerals, this limited edition showcases Breitling’s attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Fred Mandelbaum, a Breitling historian, comments, “This achievement pushed the boundaries of human endurance, skill, and courage.”

Breitling’s CEO, Georges Kern, emphasizes a “year of firsts” for the brand, commemorating milestones in its history. The latest addition, the Breitling Aerospace Orbiter B70 watch, celebrates 25 years since Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones completed their historic hot air balloon journey.

Mandelbaum highlights the watch’s functionality, stating, “It combines analogue time display with precision and functionality.”

With the Aerospace Orbiter B70, Breitling showcases its commitment to innovation. Mandelbaum notes the brand’s decision to design a new exclusive calibre, ensuring the watch’s performance and functionality meet expectations.

As Mandelbaum aptly puts it, “Breitling chose not to compromise, just like Piccard during his mission.”

The Breitling Aerospace Orbiter B70 watch, crafted in titanium with a matching bracelet or rubber strap, encapsulates the brand’s spirit of innovation. With a piece of the original balloon incorporated into the sapphire caseback, this watch is a testament to Breitling’s legacy and commitment to pushing boundaries.


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