Brian Elliot Unveils New Single ‘Dance Alone’ From Upcoming Debut Album | Music News


Brian Elliot has just releasing his third single “Dance Alone”, off of his upcoming album Familiar Walk To Nowhere. This single is a performance filled with uninhibited energy alongside a deep instrumentation and story-telling lyricism.


If you are an indie/rock aficionado, you will undoubtedly love how “Dance Alone” interweaves the groovy bassline with strings and a captivating drum beat. Test it, and you will not be disappointed. The music ends with an incredible minute of Brian’s guitar solo that stirs up raw emotion. “Dance Alone” is a playlist must-add as it is inspiring, powerful, and catchy.


East Nashville’s Brian Elliot is an emerging singer-songwriter with distinctive cinematic, indie-rock style. He draws his inspiration from Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, and classic films. His art lives in an audio/visual universe that lies between Alex Turner and Quentin Tarantino.


His debut album, Familiar Walk To Nowhere with visual media shot in the American Southwest is composed of crooning vocals, fuzz guitars, string sweeps, and warm synth pads. For listeners who are seeking for an immersive experience, these landscapes will definitely meet their expectations.


Based on the music video for his latest release “Better Than Dead”, it is easy to see that Brian Elliot loves to express his music in a cinematic style in order to create a very specific and unique listening and watching experience.


Listen to “Dance Alone” below:




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