‘Bridge Of Spies’ Author Sues Spielberg And Studios Over Use Of Title | Film News



The author of the book Bridge of Spies, Giles Whittell is suing the studios behind the Oscar nominated Steven Spielberg directed movie – ironically of the same name, over the use of the title claiming they did not ask his permission to use the mantle.


The author published his non-fiction book Bridge of Spies in 2010, covering much of the same subject matter as the espionage drama, documents shown to the high court revealing that Whittell previously sued Dreamworks on the grounds that it did not get permission to use the title, which is the first film Spielberg has directed for three years.


The film is up for six academy awards, including best film, supporting actor, and original screenplay. Neither the author nor the studios have yet made any public comment on the legal action.



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