British Mauritian Artist RENÉ Unveils Captivating New Single ‘I R L’

After releasing her first single of 2021 in March with “Better U”, London-based artist RENÉ has returned with a brand new single titled “I R L”.

“I R L” is a captivating song that shows RENÉ’s undeniable allure with its genre-defying and commanding presence. Like her other songs, the artist is exploring distinct and contrasting sounds, creating her own world.

This brand new single is a soft vibrant love song led by a synth melody as well as some emotive strings on which come RENÉ’s poignant vocals. It is an expressive and absorbing song where we can see the artist at her best.

“I R L” was produced by Oscar Moos and it explores the concept of consuming infatuation as well as the power of inner thought.

The artist opened up about her single saying: “I R L speaks to all the intense emotions we can feel when we instantly connect with or become infatuated with someone; lust, obsession, excitement, desperation, irrationality. We long for fantasies to become reality but often hide or suppress these feelings for fear of being labeled crazy or ‘too much too soon’.

Also more literally where people haven’t been able to meet during lockdown – the same would apply. This song celebrates all the feelings that make us human in those moments when ‘I just want you in real life.

RENÉ is born from Mauritian parents and was raised in London. She grew up surrounded by music from different musical genres such as R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop. This constant rotation between different genres drawn her to the ever-changing as well as adaptive sounds that cemented her youth. She cites artists like Aaliyah and Timbaland as sources of her innovative and layered sound.

In her songs, she is now blending an inimitable voice and poignant lyrics as she is varying the soundscape of contemporary sounds. She busted into the UK music scene with her lauded singles “I.N.T.O” and “Voices” that were released in 2017.

She is supported by influential tastemakers in both music and fashion, so she is able to express her craft through different mediums as she became an artist who is relatable but still singular.

Listen to RENÉ new captivating single “I R L” here:


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