British Musician Geo Jordan Releases New Single ‘One And The Same’

The Grammy-nominated British trans artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Geo Jordan has quickly followed up on his first track of this year “3DM“, with his second track titled “One And The Same“.

The song, which Geo wrote and produced all by himself, explores themes of love, excitement, and connection. OATS is a joyful Indie-electronic composition with a driving rhythmic voice, funky synthesisers, and a basic guitar riff serving as the song’s hook.

Electronic music innovator Geo Jordan is also a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Grammy nominee. Themes of the human experience are explored in Geo’s independently produced solo project. Pop-oriented synthesis, luscious vocals, humorous lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, and intricate rhythms combine to create an electronic sound that is futuristic in style and infused with a variety of soulful influences.

Geo started making music at the age of ten. His musical training includes jazz drums, bass, classical piano and guitar, and bass. This resulted in several releases under different names, most notably as the guitarist and producer for the original six-piece UK band The Hics, runners-up for the greatest breakthrough award at the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards.

As one of the few openly black British transgender male music artists in the UK, the artist’s 2021 EP Technicolour marked the start of a new chapter for him. For his collaborations with the international superstar Doja Cat, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Geo received two Grammy nominations.

Two sold-out performances at the London venues Juju’s and Pizza Express Jazz Cafe marked the conclusion of 2022. Geo’s performance is jam-packed with variety, rhythm, and enthusiasm, showing his skills as a guitarist and songwriter in every back corner of the stage. Geo Jordan is an intriguing and multifaceted act to watch in the upcoming year, without a question.

Listen to “One And The Same” below:


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