New York Singer And Songwriter Sean Doherty Unveils New Single ‘Before You’re Gone’

Sean Doherty, a singer-songwriter from New York, has been performing all over the world for more than a decade. Despite this, he has only recently begun publishing his own songs in an effort to forge a distinctive style. His latest release, “Before You’re Gone,” is a beautiful and moving song that is destined to connect with listeners all over the world.

Inspired by the synthesized sounds and entrancing beats of 1980s pop music, Sean made the decision to take matters into his own hands and create his own music. His debut track, “Guys in the Backseat,” fuses the enticing, woozy, and vocal sound of the time with the flowery lyricism of contemporary artists like Bleachers and Taylor Swift.

“Before You’re Gone,” a heartfelt ballad, displays Doherty’s remarkable songwriting talent and lovely voice. The lyrics describe a relationship that is about to end, and Doherty is having trouble dealing with the thought of missing someone before they eventually depart. The hauntingly lovely melody that accompanies this realistic and emotional theme makes it both memorable and affecting.

Having been creating music for almost ten years and playing it live, Doherty has poured his heart and emotions into this song. “Before You’re Gone,” the latest of his exceptional releases, has garnered a devoted audience due to his distinctive style and sincere approach to composing.

Sean Doherty is a rising singer-songwriter with a distinctive style that is sure to make him stand out in the industry. Don’t miss out on his latest release “Before You’re Gone.” Listen and enjoy it below!


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