British Newcomer Yeshee Releases New Single ‘Outta My Mind’

British artist and musician Yeshee has released here new single “Outta My Mind”, produced by Laback, on April 15. Hopefully taken from an upcoming project, this song tells the story of Yeshee’s musical journey through her worst and best moments.

This track features Yeshee’s signature sound combined with his incredible vocal talent, which gives us a new song that is gritty and hard but also soothing and catchy at the same time.

Indeed, we have guitars that run throughout the track reminiscent of “Despacito” and evoking beautiful, serene and quiet vibrations. The drums and bass are inspired by UK Drill and deliver all the power and energy of the genre. The combination of the two sounds merge to create something very special: the sound of Yeshee!

As a reminder, Yeshee is a singer and songwriter from Brighton in the United Kingdom. She is also a pianist and has been playing for many years.

Her main styles are hip-hop, R&B, dancehall and drill. The sound of her voice is captivating and very distinct and could be described as soothing and hypnotic. The rhythms used by Yeshee are generally gritty and minimalist, which completes her vocal style perfectly.

Listen “Out of My Mind” below:


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