British Nigerian Musician Ekiti Sound Releases New Single ‘Alacarte Pt. 2’

Following the scintillating release of his debut song and accompanying music video, “Chairman“, London and Lagos-based artist, Ekiti Sound, is back with his second track, “aLAcarte pt.2“. This track heralds the upcoming release of his new album, Drum Money, set for release on June 23.

The track’s accompanying music video, produced in Paris by the imaginative duo, Léonard Porche and Patricia Gloum, is as unusual as it is captivating.

This creative visual masterpiece offers a glimpse into the multifarious universe of Ekiti Sound, extending beyond the boundaries of groovy neo-afrobeat. “aLAcarte pt.2” spins the intriguing narrative of a masterchef, a hermit recently returned to the world with a fresh gastronomic delight.

The tale is complemented by an ensemble of eccentric dinner guests making their grand appearances, each entrance akin to the spectacular reveal of a gourmet dish, a model on a catwalk, or a daredevil treading a precarious plank. These characters converge at the renowned “Le Bouillon” restaurant in Paris’ Republique district as the clock strikes midnight.

The rhythm is set by Ekiti’s unique drum pattern that dances in sync with the broken beats, while the sorrowful joy of the minor Rhodes chords creates a chorus echoing through the gathering. This scene could be straight out of a Willy Wonka extravaganza, welcoming an eclectic mix of humanity.

Ekiti Sound’s bicultural upbringing in London and Lagos is an invaluable asset that has given him an immersive experience of the contemporary musical exchange between the UK and West Africa.

His unique sound—an eclectic mix of techno, trap, and soul that pays tribute to Nigerian folklore—has been shaped by his youthful years in East London’s club scene, his tenure as a sound designer at Pinewood Studios, and his work scoring music for the burgeoning Nollywood film industry.

Ekiti Sound’s critically lauded 2019 debut album, ABEG NO VEX, heralded a fresh chapter in Afro-fusion sound, solidifying the singer and producer’s reputation as a fearless innovator continually testing the limits of his craft.

Immerse yourself in the creative world of Ekiti Sound and watch the music video below:


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