Surrey Rap Artist And Producer Teelow Returns With New Single ‘Pluto’s Value’

UK hip-hop artist Teelow, in collaboration with V.I. Music, has unveiled a brand new single, “Pluto’s Value,” on May 19, 2023.

This compelling song showcases Teelow’s unique storytelling ability, transmitting a powerful message of self-acceptance. “Pluto’s Value” highlights the societal pressure and competitive spirit that often diminish our self-esteem, offering a much-needed shift in perspective.

In this introspective track, Teelow asserts that his faith serves as his guiding light, anchoring him to reality and providing him with the capacity to navigate his own path.

He believes in recognizing one’s worth and respecting the value of others, advocating that everyone has a unique journey to undertake. According to him, it’s this awareness that empowers us to evolve and stand resilient in the face of the world.

Moving beyond the ordinary, Teelow bravely explores societal flaws and human shortcomings in his work. He draws inspiration from the Bible, examining it as a profound source of wisdom. Born as Tolu Awojobi, Teelow was introduced to music and movies at a young age.

The poignant writing of Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco, as well as the creative genius of directors C.S. Lewis and George Lucas, later influenced his artistry, helping him craft his initial songs.

Today, Teelow is a standout artist, committed to writing high-quality songs that resonate with listeners. His talent has seen him packing concert halls, performing at high-profile festivals such as the Big Church Festival and CreationFest, and earning airplay on radio stations including BBC London, BBC Teeside, and Premier Gospel.

Don’t miss out on “Pluto’s Value” by Teelow. Give it a listen below!


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