British Producer Weizhi Releases New Single ‘We Were Here’ Featuring Emily LH

24-year old South East London producer Weizhi has been crafting a wide range of dark electronic music for the past 8 years, influenced by the myriad sounds he was exposed to growing up, from grime to early dubstep and artists like Burial.

His sound has been developing ever since he returned to the more synth-based music he explored early in his producing career, and it doesn’t appear that he’ll be stopping anytime soon.

His debut album Zenoria is a gloomy, sluggish, mostly four-on-the-floor production that demonstrates this. It has a lot of synths from the 1980s as well as some more recent sounds, as well as driving, melancholy collaborations with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Emily LH.

For a relatively short time, Emily LH has been composing and writing acoustic ballads as well as several powerful features. The Brighton-based songwriter, on the other hand, has a discography that leaves you wanting more and wondering how she is so under-appreciated.

The record takes you on a journey from an urban atmospheric atmosphere to a darker and more twisted environment as it proceeds. It begins with “Mana”, which features an emotive voice track with soft pads and ever shifting arpeggios, and ends with the harsh and dark atmosphere of the closing track “Demi”, which sets the tone for the first half of the album.

The track included here is the album’s third track titled “We Were Here” and the first taste of Emily LH’s voice and lyrical abilities, alongside Weizhi’s composition and production.

It starts with quiet synth chords and builds into an electronic ballad with strong synths and a driving percussion beat, all accompanied by Emily LH’s smooth and entrancing vocals.

Listen to the song here:


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