British Singer-Songwriter Carmody Unveils New Single ‘Trespasser’

London based singer-songwriter Carmody has unfolded a new track titled “Trespasser”.

Using music to reveal her subconscious, Carmody has for a long time explores the mosaic of relationships which envelop her.

Evoking the timelessness of Joni Mitchell and Joan Armatrading along bringing modern alt-folk of Laura Marling and Big Thief, her music is a mix of intense elements and sensitive texture.

The singer has gifted her audience with a large range of EP during the latest years from the 2014 collaborative EP Out to Sea featuring Tom Misch to the My Jupiter EP released in 2020.

The single “Trespasser” is coming along the artist debut album Imperfect Constellations, separated into four parts, which represent the Constellations, the album is retrospective piece of music about alternative therapy, entering a world of discovery and recognition.

Co-written with and produced by Young Poet label-mate Conor Albert, the track “Trespasser” makes captivating folk song writing and modern production come together to create a stunning effect.

Speaking about the lyrics, Carmody said: “It’s about the frustration you feel when your body still remembers, despite the passing of time. Even if you would like to forget them, there is always a constant pull towards their memory. I took this track to Conor Albert who produced it and added some beautiful piano lines that really brought the track to life.

Carmody has received a lot of support from the music tasters such as Notion Magazine, BBC R1 and 6Music, showing only the start of the crazy journey for the artist.

Listen to “Trespasser” here:


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