British Singer-Songwriter Raegan Sealy Shares Her New Track ‘Care’

British writer, singer, and teaching artist Raegan Sealy, who is currently based in Brooklyn, has a unique talent for using words and music to shed light on life’s challenging moments.

Her latest song, “Care,” is a touching demonstration of resilience and self-compassion that features Sealy’s signature powerful, velvety soul-pop vocals alongside the gentle fierceness of the Gang of Angels.

The song showcases an impressive vocal performance, perfectly accompanied by a beautiful piano melody. Its unwavering energy is apparent in the heartbreaking rhythm and extraordinary vocal delivery, creating a captivating and dynamic experience. The song serves as a reminder to listeners that forgiveness and letting go can be difficult at times.

Sealy skillfully conveys the idea that embracing the struggle can lead to a radiant, all-encompassing self-awareness. “Care” is not about dwelling on the past, but rather provides an opportunity for Sealy to recognize her worth and understand that her previous pain does not define her.

By reclaiming the right to feel anger and finding strength in that emotion, Sealy manages these conflicting feelings with remarkable sensitivity and grace.

In addition to her music, Sealy received the P.E.O. International Peace Prize in 2016 for her efforts to expand educational opportunities for young women.

From 2015 to 2018, she served as an International House of New York Women’s International Leadership Fellow and Resident Fellow. Her commissions have included works for Tiffany Dufu, the Fulbright Commission, and Philadelphia Soul.

Sealy has performed and taught workshops for various organizations, including Erik Weihenmayer’s annual No Barriers summit, The Nantucket Project, TED, the School of Social Change, the International House of New York, AAUW, and others.

In 2020, she was appointed to the US-UK Fulbright Alumni Advisory Council, where she continues to advocate for greater diversity, representation, and access to higher education and international opportunities.

Enjoy Raegan Sealy’s latest release, “Care,” by listening to it below!


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