Singaporean Artist Abby Simone Drop A New Single ‘No Expectations’

Singaporean artist Abby Simone has released her debut EP, featuring her new self-titled single “No Expectations.”

“No Expectations” is an infectious track that showcases Abby’s cheerful vocal harmonies over a lively pop mix filled with upbeat rhythms, shimmering synthesizers, and snappy bass.

Despite the track’s energetic vibe, there is a contrasting undercurrent of sorrow as Abby decisively brings a one-sided romance to an end. While the song is based on a personal experience, Abby’s lyrics make it relatable to various types of relationships.

Abby says, “Remove toxic people from your life! I used to archive people I couldn’t handle and pile them up. Well, I’m not a device, and I can’t upgrade my mental health storage as needed. I want people to sing this mantra and when it’s time, say ‘You are you and I am me, and neither of us owe each other anything.’ I think that’s a pretty amicable way to end a relationship, no?

The No Expectations EP also includes Abby’s recent tracks “Same Sunrise“, “Walking Away“, and “For Once“.

The entire EP features elements of Dua Lipa’s catchy pop mixed with the somber R&B and jazz of Jorja Smith and Celeste. Abby’s narratives are genuine and relatable, with emotions ranging from sadness to joy or defiance, all infused with her cool demeanor.

The No Expectations EP, which took Abby two years to complete, was recorded in Singapore with producer Cuurley, another rising musical talent from the country.

Abby Simone has always trusted her instincts. Raised in a Christian home where pop music was prohibited, she still found a way to listen to Destiny’s Child and N.E.R.D.

From challenging local pop norms to fronting a jazz and hip-hop band, Abby eventually decided to become the solo artist she is today. Her move from Singapore to Amsterdam to pursue a career in music was a risk, but it now seems to have been well worth it.

Listen to the single below:


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