British Zimbabwean Songstress Ashleigh Bankx Releases New Single ‘Right Move’

Ashleigh Bankx, who was born in Zimbabwe and raised in London, is a breath of fresh air with a distinct blend of musical influences that make her stand out. She grew up listening to Zimbabwean gospel music, Afro-jazz influenced by southern African urban rhythms, and sungura before moving to the UK and falling in love with hip-hop, pop, and R&B/soul.

Her new single “Right Move” is about the struggle to make the right decisions in order to break free from a recurring toxic cycle in relationships that leads back to a familiar past that is always comfortable and safe. Ashleigh stated that her single is deeply personal because it was inspired by her own heartbreak and was written following the end of a romantic relationship.

She also added that “Right Move” depicts women like her who like to live a little wild and sassy, follow their hearts, and sing about their feminine intuitive power without remorse through a poetic expression of events.

Ashleigh, as a British African artist, has the opportunity and scope to write a song that blended both cultures. They borrowed the basslines of bashment and UK trap bars, as well as the percussive sounds of afrobeat, when co-producing and writing the single to create a song that will highlight the importance of multicultural London.

Ashleigh also stated that the song was written as a standard pop record, weaving a selection of prophetic words to provide insight into the thoughts that linger after heartbreak and betrayal.

Listen to Ashleigh Bankx’s new single “Right Move” below.


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