Brixton Riser Santino Le Saint Unveils New Track ‘More!’ With Col3trane

Brixton singer-songwriter Santino Le Saint continues his minimalistic journey with his latest song, “more!,” featuring Col3trane. The song explores the dynamics of two individuals coming together as one, with contrasting love aspirations and a toxic sidepiece who will deceive you.

In a collaborative effort, the duet and Benjamin Totten crafted the song from guitar riffs, captivating melodies, and freestyles between the artists, who had complementary vocal ranges. Santino was raised in South London, an area with a rich musical history, and grew up surrounded by music. He cites his father, a member of the groundbreaking rap group The 57th Dynasty, as a significant influence.

Since releasing his acclaimed debut album, Beautiful Disaster, the 24-year-old’s star has continued to rise, establishing him as one of the scene’s most intriguing and unexpected performers. With the UK now embracing R&B with the love and respect it deserves, Santino and his label Cloud X are well-positioned to secure a place at the table.

Over the last several years, Santino has experienced growth and numerous firsts, including a successful 13-date UK/EU tour. He continues to captivate audiences with his inherent talent and larger-than-life charisma, earning him the title of One To Watch by The Independent and Wonderland.

Listen to the single below:


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