Brooke Forman – Uncharted | Music Video


When she isn’t touring the world as a seasoned singer and performer, she’s releasing stunning pieces of work. Brooke Forman, a part of Ultra Music Festival‘s worldwide tour, is used to having the spotlight on her as she performs to thousands of people. Now she’s claiming the spotlight in a different manner as she unveils her brand new single “Uncharted“.


Written by Forman and her producer, Benny Reiner, it is not your typical ‘pop’ song. It’s a song of simple grandeur as the symphony of violins bob along, partnered with pop percussion which ultimately builds into a emotional crescendo by the chorus. But behind the splendour, her message of love, loyalty and vulnerability shouldn’t be ignored.


The music video was shot and co-directed by Thor Wixom, who has worked with iconic artists, like Justin Bieber, Cardi B & Kanye West. Alongside Struther White, her choreographer, the pair portrays a relationship in three parts though contemporary dance, from the evolving butterfly moments to the vulnerability and uncertainty to the ultimate heart-wrenching farewell, while all set in the heart of a desolate land.


“I wanted to try something that pushed me out of my comfort zone to make me feel vulnerable because that is the raw state of emotion that is happening in the song. For me, that was dance. The most important thing was not about being the best dancer, but to tell the truth of the story the song represents through movement alongside of an extremely beautiful contemporary dancer.”



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