Brooklyn Artist Ben Freeman Unveils ‘Long Distance’ With Nora Rothman

Brooklyn’s multi-talented pop-R&B/soul artist, Ben Freeman, in collaboration with fellow indie musician Nora Rothman, unveils his latest track, “Long Distance“.

This resonant song, which captures the complex emotions of yearning, ambivalence, and nostalgia, serves as the leading single from Freeman’s upcoming EP, infused with a vintage aesthetic.

“Long Distance” explores the paradox of proximity and distance, detailing the intricate dynamics of relationships. With roots in vintage R&B and soul, Freeman’s music and performance style embody the art of soulful storytelling, thoughtful lyricism, and innovative harmonic explorations. The essence of longing is at the core of his music, adding a universally relatable touch to his songs.

Freeman’s musical journey started on the piano, further expanding as he discovered his vocal abilities in musical theatre and began composing songs during his college years. His upbringing, rich with influences from 60s folk revival, Broadway show tunes, Jewish liturgical music, and classic R&B, has deeply informed his eclectic musical style.

Apart from being a musician, Freeman also excels as a theatre and ritual artist. His last year’s self-produced album Quiet Fury is a testament to his profound storytelling ability.

The album, featuring collaborations with artists like Aric B., Chantel Whitt, guitarist Jeffrey Vélez, Madrid’s gospel choir Soul Connection, and Berlin producer Edgar Alvis, paints a vivid picture of personal reckoning through compelling narratives and evocative music.

Freeman’s previous work, the 2015 EP Providence produced by Oliver Hill of Coco and Pavo Pavo, featured poignant heartache songs composed during his transition from college to adulthood and from early romantic experiences towards maturity.

This summer, Freeman is set to release a new retro-inspired alternative R&B/soul EP. This latest work maintains his signature personal and reflective tone while embracing a more pop-centric direction, promising another layer of evolution to his musical journey.

Listen to the emotionally powerful single, “Long Distance,” by Ben Freeman below:


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