Brooklyn Artist Sirota Releases New Single ‘Grey’ | Music News


Brooklyn-based artist Sirota has just released a new track called “Grey”.


“Grey” is a song about the beginning of adulthood and the blurred chaos of her later teenage years. A transition in life that can be difficult to live with. Sirota conveys her vision of things in these blurred moments of life.


The artist adds a very moving touch to the track with her unique voice that conveys a lot of emotion. The track is a soulful and alt-R&B melody.


In addition to the moving and vulnerable side, Sirota adds a touch of hope to the track, so that we don’t forget that everything will be alright.


“Grey” is part of Sirota’s new EP, which features other tracks such as “Sound In The Room” and “After Hours” and is named after this new track, Grey.


In her EP Grey, Sirota delivers personal, sensitive and warm tracks that are self-reflective and are the result of an introspective process.


Her songs are honest and Sirota is not afraid of her opinions and does not hold back from expressing them in her music, but she always keeps a warm and vulnerable touch in her songs which makes them accessible to everyone.


Listen to Sirota’s “Grey” below:




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