Brooklyn R&B Artist Brandon Vee Unveils New Single ‘Yellow’

Brooklyn native and rising R&B star Brandon Vee introduces his latest single “Yellow,” a vibrant tune released on April 8, 2024, to coincide with Autism Awareness Month. Known for his eclectic blend of Funk, Soul, and Pop, Vee crafts a song that’s both a celebration of joy and a poignant acknowledgment of the experiences faced by those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

“Yellow” is inspired by personal connections to autism—both Vee and his collaborator have children diagnosed with ASD, making the single not just music but a message of resilience and acceptance. The song’s lyrics promote self-acceptance and the strength found in individuality, encapsulated in the spirited chorus: “Can’t nobody ever / Steal my yellow never / All My joy and pleasure / It’s all mine forever.”

Brandon Vee’s music often transcends mere entertainment, aiming to spark conversations and foster understanding. In “Yellow,” he explores themes relevant to those on the autism spectrum, emphasizing the social challenges they may face. The collaboration with Kristen Warren not only enriches the song musically but also underscores the importance of inclusivity in the arts.

The single is paired with vibrant cover art that visually echoes its themes of brightness and vitality. As “Yellow” joins the ranks of Vee’s growing discography, it stands out for its timely release during Autism Awareness Month and its dedication to shedding light on mental health and acceptance.

Through his music, Brandon Vee continues to push the boundaries of traditional R&B, using his platform to influence and inspire broader societal conversations. Listen to “Yellow” here!


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