Irish Musician Robert Grace Extols The Power Of Family On ‘Reasons’

Robert Grace, the Irish singer-songwriter, just shared his new heartfelt song, “Reasons.” Inspired by his own tough times, this tune talks about the importance of family, something he knows all too well.

During a recent writing trip to Los Angeles, Grace found himself overwhelmed with emotion, unable to hold back tears even during vocal takes. In a candid moment shared on TikTok, he opened up about his inner struggles, confessing, “I felt like a big problem… But I was wrong. I have lots of ‘Reasons’ to stay.” This song is deeply personal and different from his other stuff.

The artist’s first album, Happy Sad Songs, is coming out on May 24th. Fans can expect honesty and real feelings in his music. The singer is also becoming more and more popular. With over 3.2 million followers on TikTok, he has become a relatable voice for many, using his platform to shed light on mental health issues.

Ranked #1 on TikTok’s ‘Year On TikTok 2022’ list in Ireland, Grace’s influence continues to grow, surpassing even established artists like Niall Horan. Tracks like “Fake Fine” and “Casper,” the latter featuring his son Lincoln, have garnered millions of streams.

His song “EUPHORIA” earlier this year was a big hit. Now, with “Reasons,” he’s showing even more of his talent by adding another layer of depth to his repertoire, in a more vulnerable way.

Robert Grace wants to help people, especially those struggling with mental health, using music as a tool for healing and connection. With “Reasons,” he’s sharing his own story and reminding us all about the importance of family and love.

Listen to “Reasons” below!


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