Brooklyn Rock Trio Gooseberry Unveil New Single ‘Orbit’

Emerging from the vibrant rock scene of New York City, the dynamic trio known as Gooseberry has dropped their latest track, “Orbit”, further consolidating their unique place in the musical landscape.

Established in the fall of 2019, Gooseberry hails from Brooklyn, New York, where they’ve carved a unique niche in the alternative rock arena with a compelling blend of indie and blues elements.

The trio is composed of Asa Daniels on guitar and vocals, the rhythmic powerhouse Evin Rossington on drums, and the consistently smooth Will Hammond on bass.

Ever since their captivating debut EP Broken Dance hit the scene in 2022, Gooseberry has been turning heads among both music aficionados and industry insiders.

Their distinct sound has captivated listeners, accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams and earning commendations from esteemed outlets such as Under the Radar and Ones to Watch. However, they hold their prowess in live performances above all else.

The trio has taken their vibrant energy to stages all along the east coast, frequently sharing the limelight with both beloved local acts and national touring artists.

Now, they’re introducing fans to their sophomore album, Validate Me, a compelling collection that encapsulates the essence of Gooseberry’s sound.

The latest single from this collection, “Orbit”, is quintessential Gooseberry: against the backdrop of Rossington’s thunderous drumming, Daniels’ dynamic songwriting takes flight, with Hammond’s fluid bass lines providing the perfect counterpoint.

It’s a piece of lyrical ingenuity delivered with the road-tested musicianship of a seasoned band. Immerse yourself in the vibrant soundscape of “Orbit” by Gooseberry, available for your listening pleasure below!


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