Micah Emrich Releases New Bop ‘2 Summers Ago’ Featuring Beanboi And Keana

Micah Emrich, Beanboi, and Keana unite their diverse talents to present an ambitious collaboration, “2 Summers Ago”.

This upbeat track infuses house and pop elements with a rhythmic groove, catchy melodies, and transcendent high notes, perfectly capturing the essence of a nostalgic summer vibe.

This collaborative effort aims to reclaim the joy of summers past, a sentiment that was largely absent due to the pandemic. The track invites listeners to embrace and enjoy their summer fully, underscoring the dance floor-ready nature of the song.

Examining each artist’s solo career reveals their unique musicality. Micah Emrich, known for his genre-defying approach to music, identifies as an “Alternative Everything” artist, exploring the realms of singing, co-producing, and engineering.

Meanwhile, Beanboi, a proficient producer, engineer, and mixer, demonstrates his multifaceted skills through sound design, DJing, and creating EDM music. Keana, a singer-songwriter, enchants with her captivating pop vocals, creating an ethereal auditory experience for listeners.

Despite the two-year journey from conception to release, “2 Summers Ago” is a testament to the trio’s artistic chemistry and shared vision. Beanboi initiated the project, reaching out to Micah Emrich to collaborate on the song before inviting Keana to bring a feminine touch to the demo.

Micah Emrich, Beanboi, and Keana are emerging talents who undeniably command our attention. Their extraordinary creativity suggests that they will continue to push musical boundaries, delivering innovative and engaging music.

Listen to “2 Summers Ago” below!


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