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C-Murder 01.04.2016ANDREW


Rapper C-Murder is reportedly under investigation for recording from prison, according to sourcres. Murder, who has been locked up since 2003 after being convicted of murdering a teenager at a Louisiana nightclub, released the single, “Dear Supreme Court/Under Pressure”, last week along with an accompanying video.


Although he has been releasing music from prison for a while now, he has primarily claimed the music was all recorded before his incarceration. Recording music or videos from prison is not allowed.


Prosecutors are sceptical about this excuse in regards to his new song, mainly due to the fact that the lyrics are a declaration of his innocence and an appeal to the Supreme Court to take up his case and free him.


He also claims that the jury was bribed and that the trial was unfairly rigged against him. It is hard to believe this would have been recorded before he received his sentence, or went through the lengthy appeals process that saw him retried and re-convicted back in 2009.


Murder also has a joint-album coming out with Boosie Badazz, who also served time in the same prison as Murder a few years ago. The album, Penitentiary Chances, is set to come out next month. It’s unclear how much, if any, of the material on the album was also illicitly recorded while he was in prison.



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