California Artist Kai Straw Releases New Single ‘My Name Is Your Language’ | Music News


Kai Straw is slowly but surely making his way into the world of music, with a universe of his own. The artist’s latest track “My Name Is Your Language” has just been released and it is an absolute pleasure to hear.


The track is a romantic ballad with a bossa nova influence that lulls us into spring. The lyrics, as delicate as they are catchy, “I’m liking how this feels, like you forget what to say, like to speak is a sin, my name is your language” are filled with desire and sensuality, not surprising for the artist who won the International Songwriting Competition for ‘Best Unsigned’.


The musician is not afraid to reveal himself and to address sometimes taboo subjects, indeed he confessed to his fans the reason why the skull always came back as a symbol in his artworks: “Before I quit drinking (sober for ~8 years) my brother gave me a bottle of skullhead vodka. The bottle is shaped like a skull.


For some reason I never opened it, and after I quit drinking, I kept the bottle out. It’s in my living room right now, actually. I like keeping it out because it reminds me that I made a choice to own my life, and every day when I see that skull bottle, I’m reminded that I’m making that same choice”.


It was after he lost his job that he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to music, and independently, without the help of a label. It has been through hard work that he has accumulated millions of streams on all streaming platforms, quickly reaching number two on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart and number one on Hype Machine twice.


There is no doubt that Kai Straw will surprise us in the future with new achievements and that he will make his mark on the musical landscape.


Listen to his “My Name Is Your Language” single here:




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