Bad Flamingo Release New Single ‘Mama Raised You Right’ | Music News


After their last song “Dead Man’s Hands” released in 2020, Bad Flamingo are back with their latest single titled “Mama Raised You Right”, and once again, the duo takes us on a journey with western sounds.


The slow rhythm of the song accompanied by the singer’s suave voice is just the ideal mix of sweetness and country. An original track which allows us total immersion and which will almost make us want to take a horse and go to the desert.


Indeed, a few bass chords, a little tambourine and the touch of the two musicians allow an effective instrumental, but above all, it is very well done, and enough to have a few notes in your head after listening.


What is obvious in this duo is the mystery that seems to plan over them. No identities, no names, and as a description a quote they will love: “Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth“, by Oscar Wilde.


Dressed in their hats and masks that remind us of Zorro, the two enigmatic women exude an undeniable charisma, which is felt in all their visuals.


The two artists are discreet, like their anonymity and intend to make the suspense last for a long time.


Listen to their single “Mama Raised You Right” here:




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