Calvin Klein ‘Plus Size’ Model Myla Dalbesio Speaks Out | Fashion News


Fashion has had its fair share of controversy over the years, whether it’s the use of fur, claims of racial inequality or under-age models. One of the issues that, time and again, fails to go away is that of size. It’s fair to say the majority of catwalk models are svelte or waif-like, often fitting into the size zero samples. However, the ‘plus size’ issue rages on.


Public outrage followed new Calvin Klein model Myla Dalbesio being branded a plus size model in Elle magazine. Following the media frenzy, the 26-year-old, UK size 14 model has had a chance to share her side of the story.


Speaking to Yahoo, Dalbesio, who has suffered with eating disorders in the past, acknowledged that it was “so fucked up” the way the fashion world was structured, but “what Calvin did was radical. They didn’t book someone who was so large and didn’t make a huge announcement. They just booked a normal girl“.




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