Canadian Band Colour Tongues Release New Song ‘Ashgrove’

Canadian band Colour Tongues have just delivered their new tune “Ashgrove” and it is a melody about figuring out how to do or die as a young person and being on the slope of adulthood.

It takes you back to an extraordinary age where you could cause mischiefs – it was even expected of you – and consistently accompanied new encounters like your first kiss, or you first draw from a joint. The tune was recorded during lockdown and is a breath of electric sentimentality, harkening back to less difficult times.

Since their initiation, Color Tongues have endured shots and endured storms, both in a real sense and allegorically, they’re as yet alive to recount the story. Flaunting a medical caretaker, a craftsman, an entertainer, and a canine walker, the band joins components of math and moderate stone with fantastic non indie pop.

Taylor, presently an enlisted nurse, was conveyed to the Lynn Valley Care Center (the primary COVID-19 centre in Canada) to fight the infection while the remainder of the band under James Challis’ administration took to composing the up and coming age of Color Tongues’ music.

Rejoining in May 2020, the band was prepared to zero in on its future. Taking incredible caution during the pandemic, Color Tongues got back to the studio with Matty D and finished work on their upcoming debut project 12 PM Island.

The band kept functioning during lockdown, performing many Facebook live gigs and in January 2021, through a live stream at Vancouver’s Blue Light Studios, the band played a full show that offered a glimpse of the band’s studio sound in a live setting.

“Wasted”, Color Tongues’ next track is scheduled for release on March 4, with the debut LP 12 PM Island to follow later in the year.

Listen to “Ashgrove” below:


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