Indiana R&B Singer Mamii Releases Intimate Live Performance Video For ‘Unwary’

Indiana singer-songwriter Mamii has released a live performance video for her song “Unwary”, offering a stripped back, acoustic version of the original track.

“Unwary” was first released in July 2021, and was featured on Mamii’s Deluxe EP Black Phoenix, The Rebirth. Like the majority of the songs found on the album, “Unwary” combines elements of electronica, pop, alternative rock and funk. The song has various melodic textures which build up to produce a futuristic atmosphere, and are combined with the singers RnB vocals.

However, Mamii’s live performance of the song takes a completely different approach from the original.

In the video, the twenty-year old singer performs against the twinkly LA skyline, and is accompanied simply by her guitar and violinist, Jaylon Black. Mamii’s sultry vocals, the soft violin and the romantic setting create an enchanting and intimate performance where the raw lyrics become the main focus.

Mamii explains that she “wrote this song about yearning to end a relationship and starting over but not being ready to face what life Is going to be afterwards“. In my opinion, the emotion behind the lyrics are expressed to a higher degree in her live performance, as you hang on to every note and every word sung in Mamii’s soulful voice.

Born in Indiana, Mamii first shared her talents with the world by uploading covers to YouTube. Since then she’s released two EPs, opened for Isaac Dunbar on his US tour and featured on tracks by Syd and Boogie. The up-and-coming artist has over 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify so be sure to check her out.

You can watch Mamii’s live performance of “Unwary” below”:


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