Canadian Musician Ryan Wayne Returns With ‘Ready My Love’

Ryan Wayne, the Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has returned to the music scene with his new single, “Ready My Love.”

Known as a founding member of the award-winning band, The Warped 45s, he stepped away from touring and recording after suffering two strokes in early 2022. However, his passion for music brought him back during his recovery.

The Oshawa native collaborated with Grammy Award-winning producer Malcolm Burn on his latest record, “Crow Amongst the Sparrows,” released in September 2023. The album received critical acclaim and marked Wayne’s return to the music world.

Growing up in Oshawa, Ontario, Ryan was surrounded by music, thanks to his father, a songwriting truck driver. Summer nights at the family cabin in the Madawaska Valley were filled with singing alongside family and friends.

Throughout his career, the artist has toured globally, sharing the stage with artists like The Drive-By Truckers, The Skydiggers, and Deer Tick. He has also worked with many musicians, including playing mandolin on Dan Mangan’s song “Road Regrets.”

“Ready My Love” delves into themes of regret and escapism. The song began when Wayne’s longtime friend, Alex Needleman, sent him a hypnotic synth drone. This sparked the idea for the track.

At the same time, the musician was jamming with friends from his co-ed arts league hockey team, learning ’70s funk songs. He noticed these songs used few chords but focused on hooks and groove.

The artist wanted to see how far he could take a two-chord folk song. He and Alex worked on the music, adding instrumental layers, counterpoint, groove, and dynamics. “We went back and forth on the music with some contributions from friends and bandmates to complete ‘Ready My Love,'” Wayne shared.

The song reflects the singer’s journey and growth. Despite the abstract themes, the chorus offers a simple commitment to moving forward. His ability to transform personal experiences into honest music is evident in “Ready My Love.”

Listen to “Ready My Love” below!


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