Piper 57 Unveils New Guitar Ballad ‘3 Angels 4 Charlie’

German artist Piper 57 is back with a bang with her latest musical creation, “3 Angels 4 Charlie“. This new guitar ballad promises to enchant her fans with its psychedelic sounds and luxurious dreamlike atmosphere. This exciting announcement marks the beginning of the artist’s summer break before the release of her second EP, BPD EP in October.

“3 Angels 4 Charlie” stands out with its light and joyful sounds, blending harmonious guitar chords with playful synthesizers. The song conveys a sense of lightness and happiness, evoking the joy of escaping everyday life.

It tells the story of three muses of a multimillionaire who, despite the chaos of the modern world, live in apparent luxury, inspired by the iconic American film Charlie’s Angels. Piper 57 takes us on a psychedelic journey through this world, where reality is suspended in a peaceful dreamland.

The song also delves into the lives of the rich and beautiful, who, despite their privileges, use substances to escape material constraints and find love. The track, while playful, subtly reveals that both the angels and Charlie live in a romanticized illusion of drug use, highlighting the contrast between appearance and reality.

Known for her intense and passionate life, Piper 57 has explored many facets of human existence. From her nomadic lifestyle in a bus to her involvement in a left-wing organization, and her relationships with multimillionaires, Piper has always sought truth and identity.

Her unique musical genre, “Piperpop”, combines profound lyrics with catchy melodies and bass-driven productions. After gaining attention with her first EP Fake ID and the popular single “Should’ve Been A Dick To You”, Piper continued to impress with tracks like “Love Bombing”, “Trigger My BPD”, and “Shame”.

After a year-long hiatus, Piper 57 released new tracks in 2024 and is preparing to celebrate the release of her BPD EP with a headline show. Always true to her mantra “My Way or the Highway”, Piper continues to live her life on her own terms, from Los Angeles to Berlin, and now to Las Vegas.

Don’t miss the chance to listen to Piper 57’s new guitar ballad. Dive into her luxurious and psychedelic universe below!


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