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Known for her dark, demure and witchy looks on Instagram as well as her award-winning belter of a voice on stage, Canada’s rising star POESY is somewhat of an enigma, but an enigma well worth unravelling.


Having released a chart-topping debut single and her highly successful EP Glass Box already, POESY has set the bar incredibly high in her relatively short music career so far. Not one to back down from a challenge, POESY returns with her latest alt, pop-rock single ‘Diamonds’ as her first release this 2020.


Inspired by the constant and simultaneous intangibility of time, “Diamonds” tackles the warped sense of time felt when in a dark mental space and the loss of touch with reality that often comes with it.


According to POESY, “Diamonds is at its core, a song about experiencing a dark time and trying to drag yourself through to the other side. It’s about the pressure you put on yourself that leaves you with dark inner turmoil.


I’ve dragged myself out of that countless times so I hope Diamonds can do that for someone else. I called it Diamonds because they’re a substance that is made under huge amounts of pressure, but they’re also so valuable – just like we are. So be gentle with yourself…


Gloriously encompassed in dark, mysterious and alluring melodies, ‘Diamonds’ is the intense, raw, glistening pop-rock anthem we’ve all been waiting for. A perfect reflection of POESY’s unique personal style and songwriting skill, ‘Diamonds’ stands as proof that POESY is still her own biggest competition and marks the beginning of a new, exciting era for the artist.


Listen to “Diamonds” below:




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