Nashville Singer/Songwriter Stefanie Joyce Unveils Debut Single ‘On The Ohio’ | Music News


After garnering several songwriting credits with up-and-coming Nashville artists over the past two years, singer/songwriter Stefanie Joyce is embarking on her own artist project with the release of “On the Ohio”, her energetic country-folk debut single.


A retelling of the classic Appalachian murder ballad “Banks of the Ohio”, “On the Ohio” seeks to keep this particular tradition of country music alive by injecting it with fresh, visual lyrics and gritty, percussive production.


Stefanie Joyce’s writing draws the listener right into the story of the song, so that they not only experience its violence, but become almost complicit in it as well. The track features haunting, distorted guitar lines and banjo licks, a foil to the singer’s straight-to-the-point vocal delivery.


Since moving to Nashville in 2017 from her hometown of Vancouver, BC, the artist has had several cuts as a songwriter with up-and-coming Nashville talent such as Chris Moreno, Tommy O’Keeffe, and Brooke Lynn. She has become a regular feature at Nashville’s premiere writer rounds, and has had the opportunity to play at major country music festivals such as the Lynchburg Music Festival.


In 2019, her song “Lovin’ My Mamma” (cowritten with artist Brooke Lynn) was nominated for the Midwest CMA Song of the Year.


Stefanie Joyce has already proven herself as a songwriter, and after this promising first offering, we’re now expecting more music from her!


Listen to “On The Ohio” right now:




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