Canadian Rap Artist TARiiiQ Releases New Single ‘Love Letter To Whoever’

Edmonton-based artist TARiiiQ presents a softer side of his music in his latest project featuring the song “Love Letter To Whoever“. Renowned for his exceptional talent and emotionally charged lyrics, TARiiiQ continues to showcase his capacity for deep personal exploration through music.

“Love Letter To Whoever” is a testament to TARiiiQ’s distinct ability to communicate with his audience on a deeply personal level. The track navigates themes of love, introspection, and the complexities of human relationships, blending soulful vocals with heartfelt storytelling.

The music accompaniment for TARiiiQ’s mesmerizing vocals is provided by his live band collective, The Golden Eyes. Their harmonic combination of a bass guitar, smooth guitar melody, keys, and percussion elevates the song’s emotional resonance. The lyrics revolve around personal issues and insecurities, delving into the challenges of emotional repression in the quest for genuine love.

The track also offers a satirical perspective on the flaws of modern dating culture, adding another layer of depth to the musical journey. This introspective piece is a demonstration of TARiiiQ’s continued evolution as an artist, building on his past successes to carve out a signature sound that resonates with listeners worldwide.

The new single is an artistic triumph, offering a potent display of TARiiiQ’s unique musical vision. This emotionally charged track will undoubtedly engage fans and solidify TARiiiQ’s place within the hearts of music enthusiasts globally.

Tariq Bakir, known as TARiiiQ, is a multi-faceted artist hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. His style pays homage to the foundations of the genre while showcasing a modern and versatile approach. TARiiiQ has made a name for himself through his ‘true school’ boom-bap tracks, blending fierce bars with jazzy aesthetics.

TARiiiQ’s evolution as an artist has led to a shift in focus towards creating original music that holds true to his message. Inspired by his roots and influenced by his DJing years, he ventured into songwriting and recording, gaining hundreds of thousands of collective streams through his monthly music releases.

Recently, TARiiiQ has joined forces with an ensemble of musicians to form TARiiiQ & The Golden Eyes. Initially intended as a backing band for live recordings, the collaboration has shaped a unique sound by incorporating elements of Reggae, Soul, Funk, and more into their hip-hop repertoire.

This blend has resulted in live reworks of TARiiiQ’s popular tracks and the creation of original pieces that further define their collective identity.

Listen to “Love Letter To Whoever” below!


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