Canadian Musician Apryll Aileen Unveils New Single ‘Wicked Ways’

Canadian alt-pop musician, Apryll Aileen, continues to challenge genre norms with her latest introspective single, “Wicked Ways”. The classically trained pianist, soulful vocalist, and guitarist unveiled this self-examining track, reflecting on human nature’s propensity for anger and misunderstanding.

Recognized for her sultry vocals and magnetic stage presence, Apryll Aileen doesn’t just perform; she commands attention and resonates with audiences worldwide. Her sound, influenced by pop, rock, electronic, folk, and R&B, doesn’t fit into a single box – she’s not imitating, she’s innovating.

“Wicked Ways” delves into the introspective realm of self-awareness, examining the roots of anger and the human tendency to judge others. Apryll explores how we often craft our own narratives around others’ actions, which may not always align with reality. The only way to comprehend the motivations behind their actions, she suggests, is by stepping into their shoes.

All of us are capable of wicked things – all of us get angry, yell, say things we don’t mean and even wish ill will on others,” Apryll admits. “But with that darkness, we also have so much light, love and peace within us. The song is meant to expose the vulnerabilities of the shadow and put them on full display.”

Apryll Aileen has been ingrained in music since a tender age, studying classical piano from the age of five. Over the years, she has seamlessly integrated this classical grounding into the melodic pop music that emanates from her soul.

Drawing parallels with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Adele, and Stevie Nicks, Apryll’s compelling blend of melodic songwriting, vocal tones, and edgy storytelling creates a unique sonic experience.

Her passion and charisma are as electric as the lightning storm she was born during, and her authentic, heartfelt vocals hit right at the core. Aileen’s music, saturated with evocative lyrics and catchy melodies, will inspire you to both dance and ponder life’s profound intricacies.

Aileen’s journey from the corporate world to the music scene is a testament to her dedication. Having left her corporate job on Valentine’s Day 2014, she embarked on a global journey, setting up tours from Los Angeles to New York, Toronto, London, and France.

Apryll Aileen’s energetic performances and evocative songwriting have since caught the attention of Toshi Yanagi and Jimmy Earl from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! band, leading to collaborations in California.

She is now based back in Atlantic Canada, following notable performances at the World Junior Hockey Championships and venues like the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and the Carleton in Halifax.

As Aileen prepares for her upcoming album release, Bad Things, in Spring 2023, her unique musical style and the powerful messages within her songs are sure to continue captivating audiences, pushing boundaries and inspiring, especially young women, across the globe.

For Apryll Aileen, music is not just an artistic endeavor, it’s a platform for connection, reflection, and empowerment.

The accompanying music video for “Wicked Ways” was filmed at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and you can watch the music video below!


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