Canadian Songstress AHSIA Lands On Our Radar With ‘Soul N Me’

Introducing Canada-based R&B, soul and poetic rap artist AHSIA with her new single “Soul N Me”. The track, which arrives via Northburn Records and is produced by Sammy Rich, is a soulful melody and self-love anthem that blends R&B, soul and flashes of jazz music together to excellent effect.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Soul N Me”, AHSIA says, “While writing this song I wanted to articulate feelings of being confident in (and loving) your own authentic-self. Embracing solitude and the comfort that we should all have in our own skin. I wanted to convey feelings of independence and appreciation for your own individuality (and the path to discovering that individuality)“.

AHSIA adds that, “Growing up without many friendships, I had to learn to encourage these types of feelings within myself. I wrote this song with hopes that listeners might grasp onto some of those same feelings. It’s important that we love and support each other – but it’s just as (if not more) important that you love and root for yourself”.

Born in Philadelphia and based in Vancouver, Canada, AHSIA is of Nigerian and Congolese descent. She began singing, writing and performing at the age of ten, and her music is a fusion of R&B, soul, jazz, afrobeats and poetic rap. She uses her music to push forward anti-oppression and black empowerment movements.

Listen to her new offering “Soul N Me” here:


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