Indie Pop Artist Hyde Park Announces New EP With New Single ‘Guy And Girl’

Guy And Girl” is the brand new single from indie pop artist Nick Steven aka Hyde Park, taken from his upcoming debut EP titled This Is Just A Simple Song, which will be released on February 25.

The track features a guest appearance from vocalist Mary Stottele and is co-produced by Hyde Park and Drew Bligh, with musical contributions from drummer Chris Anthony, guitarist David Anthony, and string player Alon Leon Hillel.

It looks to explores the turbulent formation and dissolution of a relationship where trauma and loneliness are the only things in common. It is driven by a nape-prickling piano motif and delicate vocal harmonies, combined with vivid imagery of crashing waves and jagged coastlines.

Hyde Park draws from influencers such as David Gray, Belle and Sebastian, Nick Drake, and The Magnetic Fields to create his music, which he describes as a seamless blend of pop, folk, and electronica, as will be revealed on the new EP.

The EP was put together over a period of 10 years across several different iterations of Hyde Park over the years, from a solo folk artist to part of indie rock collective The Condescending Foxes.

According to the artist, the project is shaped by the metaphor of an art gallery, with each track providing its own palette and set of colors and textures, with the collection of songs driven by a central theme of the devastating simplicity of heartbreak and the complexity of coming back stronger.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Guy And Girl”, Hyde Park says, “The formation and destruction of a relationship in four verses, Guy and Girl is my first single as Hyde Park. I wrote it about the idea of a couple that’s bonded together by little more than their want to not be alone, and how quickly they become undone once they realize it.

I’d been watching ‘Broadchurch’ at the time I finished the lyrics, and something about the frequent setting of desolate, jagged coastlines stuck with me as an ideal setting for a tale of loneliness and turbulence“.

Listen to “Guy And Girl” below:


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