Canadian Trio ad•era Unveil New Single ‘Song We Made’

Canadian alternative pop band ad•era has released a new song titled “Song We Made” and an accompanying music video. The track is filled with crisp percussion, distorted synths and smooth vocal tones that bring a fresh and energetic yet chill and inviting feeling.

It was the band itself that crafted the single at home and added some drums to the mix tracked in the studio. It may sound like a song about making a song but on a deeper level, it’s about being grateful about having a purpose in life.

The group had the idea for the song during the first lockdown in 2020. Having nowhere to go, it put things in perspective and it prompted the line “I think I need to do whatever makes me happy, forget about the rest, make it just float away“.

ad•era is a Canadian alternative/indie trio with a Chilean heart. Tiffany Calderbank and Tomás Valenzuela met at a community college in Vancouver, BC in 2016 and the two shared a passion for rhythmic music with contrast and depth. Their inspiration came from artists like St. Vincent, Glass Animals and Little Dragon that transformed their own music into a mix of pretty and distorted sound.

While Valenzuela focused more on production and mixing and Calderbank on songwriting and production, they grew in number having Ian Cardona come in during 2020. The drummer coincidently also shares some of Valenzuela’s Chilean roots. The three came along like pieces of a puzzle and they bring a fresh new sound to the music industry.

The single was independently crafted by the band and they even share with us, a video where they celebrate a simple concept: creativity. The fresh visuals accompany the soft tune with shots of blue skies and rose coloured glasses, filmed in the band’s hometown of Vancouver, BC.

“Song We Made” is a follow-up to the trio’s previous single titled “Good News”. ad•era is currently working on more new tracks to be released later in 2021.

Watch the video for “Song We Made” here:


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