Cape Town Vocalist Tyler Page Releases New Single ‘Don’t Believe The Aliens’ | Music News


South-African performer Tyler Page has just dropped a brand-new alt-pop piece called “Don’t Believe The Aliens”, in which she compares living through 2020 to being stuck somewhere between a dream and reality.


From the captivating opening line of Tyler Page’s debut single, “Don’t Believe the Aliens”, the 18-year-old Cape Town-based singer’s intoxicating voice immediately arouses the ears and gives the listener the feels.


The song’s soul-stirring strings, dreamy synths and expansive bass complement Tyler’s sweet, soft and seductive vocals, producing a novel yet nostalgic sound. The unpredictable progression from verse to chorus keeps you guessing while the hypnotic melodies reinforce the surreal message of the single.


Speaking about the meaning of the song, Tyler confesses: “apart from lyrically and emotionally complimenting 2020 immensely, this song will always have a special place in my heart being the first piece of music I get to share with the world.


Coming to terms with 2020 is nothing short of believing in aliens, I think we can all agree. Our world almost seems unrecognisable but we’re all going through it together. My song, ‘Don’t Believe The Aliens’, has taught me to expect the unexpected.


After a breathtaking performance at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, Tyler’s music is set to move listeners through her wondrous lyrics, unwavering vocals and masterful production, flourishing into a unique sound guaranteed to capture international attention over the next few months.


“Don’t Believe The Aliens” is the debut single off her debut EP which is due for release in 2021.
You can listen to “Don’t Believe The Aliens” right here:




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