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Looks like the Russo Brothers (Directors of Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: Winter Soldier) wanted their hometown people to see the first glimpse of Captain America: Civil War trailer. They screened the trailer – which is rumoured to be shown at Star Wars: The Force Awakens screening- for the limited audience at the Cleveland film event.


The ecstatic audience were so surprised and listening to the description, it seems like it was same (or a close one) trailer which was shown at D23 Expo back in August 2015. When asked if Spider-man  will make his first Marvel Cinematic appearance in Civil War, Joe Russo said “He’s Awesome“.


Civil War will pick up the story where Avengers Age Of Ultron left off. When the government decides that all Superheroes must register with them, some are in favor while others not. Pressure mounts and you will see Cap and Iron Man being on the opposite sides to each other. This becomes not a battle between heroes and villains but heroes and heroes.


Captain America: Civil War is going to be one of the biggest films Marvel has ever done because it is a comic book event of such a high magnitude and comic book lovers and superhero geeks will be holding their breath to see how well they execute such magnanimity on screen. Marvel will have to deliver and deliver big.


Captain America: Civil War is set to release on May 5 2016



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