Cara Delevingne Goes Skating For Her Chanel Gabrielle Bag | Fashion News


It all started with Kirsten Stewart dancing in an abandoned warehouse, where Gabrielle’s spirit is still present.


Now it’s time for the second episode of the latest Chanel ad campaign to launch the new Gabrielle bag.


Cara Delevingne is the second face chosen for the campaign, and shows her best skating skills through the colourful drawings of the Japanese director, Shishi Yamazaki.


She has transformed Cara in a cartoon urban pop femme fatale, skating adventures before finding a Gabrielle bag hanging from a tree.


Yamazaki created a stellar cartoon embodying the model’s cool spirit and animated Cara so perfectly that it looks like a real video.


Don’t keep your eyes down from now on, apparently Gabrielle bags grow on trees.


Watch the ad cartoon below:




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