Cara Delevingne ‘Too Bloated’ For Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? | Fashion News


Cara Delevingne’s career is just getting stronger and stronger as she goes on. She has several movies she is being involved in, some due to be released within the next year. And she has also just been crowned Model of the Year by the British Fashion Awards. However not everyone is in favour to Cara… Allegedly, a male catwalk model has slithered out of the shadows and released some information as to why Cara Delevigne did not attend the Victoria’s Secret catwalk show, it is said to apparently be because she was… BLOATED!


I have no idea who has made that decision that Cara looked bloated, but I personally think they should make an appointment to Specsavers. Model Robert Konjic has replied to the Mail Online and said, “they are famously strict, you can’t let yourself go, even a little“. He has also said that he isn’t surprised that she hasn’t taken part this year as he apparently saw her and to him she looked a “little bloated“.


However, it is actually said that she did not attend this stupidly strict lingerie catwalk as she was more interested in attend Karl Lagerfeld’s Métiers d’Art fashion show. Well this certainly shows who is jealous of Cara’s brilliant 2015 yet to come. I definitely don’t think comments from people like Robert will affect Cara in the slightest, with the way her career is going.



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