Carly Pearl Share New Etta James Cover ‘Something’s Got a Hold on Me’

Carly Pearl has shared a mesmerizing rendition in her live recording of “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”

In a seamless fusion of soul, blues, and the timeless energy of Etta James, Carly Pearl breathes new life into the classic track “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” The unexpected twist? This captivating version was recorded live, a spontaneous decision that transformed the rendition into a jazzy, sexy, and cinematic expression of a classic love song.

No stranger to the stage, Carly Pearl is now taking center stage with unparalleled charisma. With a rich background in theater, acting, and music, Carly has been the frontwoman for the national touring act, The Scruffy Pearls, establishing herself as a successful multi-hyphenate artist who understands the essence of true performance. Leveraging her technical expertise, she has entered a phase where she unapologetically seizes control of her narrative.

Carly Pearl’s vocals, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, immediately captivate listeners from the first notes of any track. Her heartfelt and thoughtful lyrics challenge expectations, often viewed through a jazzy, occasionally hip-hop-inspired lens, exemplified by her upcoming release, “Daydream.”

As Carly Pearl unveils her second solo release, “Daydream,” she invites listeners into a profound exploration of silencing the inner voice that instills self-doubt. Written during a period of personal daydreaming, Carly reflects on the person she aspired to be – a version of herself waiting to be discovered independently.

Seeing synchronicities in the human experience, Carly Pearl channels this perspective into her creative process. As she navigates her journey as an individual and solo artist, Carly aims to maintain certain constants in her storytelling. Her ultimate goal is to leave audiences feeling empowered, hopeful, understood, and deeply connected to her narrative.

Carly Pearl, known for her roles in various capacities, is now allowing her inner lyricist to take center stage. In a revelatory moment, she expresses that her song lyrics have always been stored within her, and she is finally granting them the freedom to emerge.

Carly Pearl is not only falling in love with herself at this moment but also drawing listeners into her captivating story. After years of playing predefined roles in her career, she now steers the narrative herself.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Carly Pearl is actively involved in various initiatives. From managing her own label to embarking on tours and captivating audiences with live performances, she continues to explore new artistic dimensions and shares her ongoing evolution with her devoted fanbase.

In conclusion, Carly Pearl stands as an artistic force, breathing contemporary life into classics and crafting original compositions that resonate deeply. With her latest live recording of “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” and the upcoming release of “Daydream,” she invites listeners to join her on an enthralling musical journey that transcends time and genre.

Listen to “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” below!


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