Casablanca Offers Summer Vibes And Cinematic Elegance For Pre-Fall 2024 Campaign

Although summer is yet to officially begin, Casablanca is already thinking ahead with its Pre-Fall 2024 campaign. Interestingly, even as they prepare for cooler temperatures, the collection captures the spirit of summer.

To showcase the new collection, the Parisian brand headed to the Green Galaxie. This is a mid-century villa known for its glass and metal architecture. The visuals, shot by Dudi Hasson, focus on striking images and channel the brand’s elevated yet relaxed personality. The campaign stands out by combining lively-hued pieces with avant-garde architecture, cliff landscapes, and the Mediterranean Sea.

The images taken inside and outside the villa highlight Casablanca’s key focus on visual appeal. The mix of architecture, Southern French skies, and rugged cliffs creates a stunning backdrop. The Mediterranean Sea in the distance adds to the campaign’s charm. “The campaign brings together the essence of summer with the anticipation of fall,” said a spokesperson from Casablanca.

The cinematic style of the shots leans into the villa’s history. They showcase a range of collection pieces, including tailoring, athletic wear, silk tops, dresses, swimsuits, knitwear, and coordinating sets. Key highlights of the collection include Casablanca’s signature silk button-down shirts. There is also a women’s tailored pink coordinating set with all-over Casablanca logo embossing, a men’s textured white tailoring set, a men’s green velour set, and men’s gradient athletic wear.

Dudi Hasson’s images capture the villa’s unique blend of architecture and natural beauty. The villa’s connection with modern cinema adds depth to the campaign. The Riviera’s clear light highlights the strong colors and vibrant designs of the Pre-Fall Collection. Models are posed as if in a cinema-verité style, adding a touch of storytelling to the visuals. “We wanted to create something that feels both timeless and fresh,” added the spokesperson.

The Green Galaxie is located atop the Bay of Cannes, known for its prestigious annual film festival. This location choice links the campaign to cinema history, enriching its narrative. The visuals celebrate the fusion of fashion, architecture, and nature.

Casablanca’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection is available now online and with international stockists. The campaign successfully blends summer vibes with the anticipation of fall, creating a seamless transition between seasons. The use of a unique location, strong visuals, and diverse collection pieces makes this campaign memorable.
Take a look at the new collection in the gallery and get ready to embrace the endless spirit of summer with Casablanca.


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