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Casey Affleck appeared on The Late Show to promote his new film, Triple 9. But early on, you could sense that something was not right. Stephen Colbert welcomed the actor by commenting on his casual look, in a humorous yet harmless way, as he usually does with guests. Affleck, however, was not entirely on board!


It seems Ben’s little brother is not much of a ‘jokes person’ so the interview kept moving from one awkward line to the other.  But we have to give him some credit. From “Thanks for dressing up” to “You really look like a street corner Jesus”, Colbert might have gone a bit too far with his jokes! Still, the actor looked slightly more irritated than he should have.


Towards the end, Affleck also talked about the ‘gun training’ that he’s had by playing with nerf guns at home with his kids, where he said he makes ‘the loser’ clean up the mess! When Colbert asked the actor if he tells his kids “You’re a loser”, he defended himself by saying “I’m a great parent. I do science experiments, too, you know!”


He was all laughing, but still, visibly annoyed. Well, some people take themselves a bit too seriously. See the clip below:




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