Cassie Chantel Kickstarts 2020 With New Single ‘Hate Me’ | Music News


US rap artist Cassie Chantel‘s first track of 2020 “Hate Me” has just been released! Her next album EmoSlime is scheduled for spring 2020. The artist, originally from Athens, Georgia, now lives in Atlanta.


In addition to performing, recording and touring, Cassie Chantel also has her own event company Slab Cypher and her own label TRIB3 HOUSE Records, consisting of a collective of engineers, producers and songwriters.


She is inspired by artists such as Jay-Z or Ice Cube who have succeeded in their careers to excel in many different fields and companies, while also being influenced by the likes of 2Pac, Lauryn Hill, Young Thug and Future.


The Hip-Hop artist full of project and energy was awarded the prize for the ‘Best Female In Athens’ a few years ago, and the prize for the ‘Best Collaboration In Athens’ with the song “Chances”. She has more than 300,000 streams on all platforms.


On “Hate Me”, Cassie Chantel expresses the fact that she has done a lot of harm in her past loving relationships. From the beginning of the track, we hear a voice message on Cassie Chantel’s answering machine with a voice saying “I hate you“. This message comes from a quarrel from her last marriage.


The R&B song is therefore about Cassie Chantel’s quarrels in her former loving relationship, accompanied by a soft melody and a sensual voice, listen to the track below:




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