Cast Of ‘Batman v Superman’ And ‘Suicide Squad’ Band Together | Film News


The Hollywood Reporter snapped the following picture of the main players of Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad whilst the actors were present at this year’s Comic-Con. The most notable absentee being Jared Leto, who will play Joker in Suicide Squad. Whilst fans were treated to trailers from the films, it is not only this photo which seems to hint at the two films crossing paths in some capacity.


Could Leto’s Joker appear in Batman vs Superman? For the comic fans, there were a couple of scenes that seem to hint towards Joker’s involvement. In particular the scene which shows Robin’s costume covered in graffiti. Fans of the comics will know that this could easily be referring to Jason Todd, and with the Joker’s appearance in the Suicide Squad trailer, these two events may certainly be linked.




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